We don’t need to reinvent the wheel
we just need to set it in motion.


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a community & field organization based out Kolkata, India that works for street animal welfare -- to do everything we can to care for our “community dogs”.


Founded in 2014, LIKE A DOG has since then expanded to provide various kinds of care for stray animals in and around Kolkata, India. Since then, LIKE A DOG has run numerous sterilisation programmes, vaccination drives and provided emergency care to stray dogs and cats. Early in 2016, we decided to focus on ‘anti-rabies’ as an area of focus and have successfully administered over 5,000 anti-rabies shots around the city.



The problem

  • Around the world, dogs are brutally culled in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies.

  • Millions of dogs are cruelly culled every year in attempt to control the amount of strays on the streets.


The Solution

  • Through mass dog vaccination, we will protect both dogs and people from this killer disease.

  • Address the source of the stray dog population, rather than culling as a means of population control. And conduct sterilisation drives to create a healthy population.


  • Vaccinating populations around the city and tracking our work through “StreetDogs”

  • Proving that each vaccinated dog is protected from rabies – either with a collar, non-toxic marker or a vaccination card

  • Advising communities to manage their stray dogs humanely – instead of using cruel culls.

So if you may be interested in helping out, please go through the various sections on our website.